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Carolyn & Hanh
Happily Ever After

Finding a suitable lifelong partner was on the 2015 New Year's Resolution List for the both of us. Little did we know that we'd meet up as a result. The two of us had turned to online dating due to the difficulties of meeting other like-minded individuals. It's hard for two pharmacists (well, one pharmacist and a pharmacist-to-be at the time) to meet other people outside of our non-traditional work schedules. After many attempts through various online dating sources (i.e.,, Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder), we both found ourselves on a website called EME Hive.

Carolyn, 30, Vietnamese & Hanh, 30, Vietnamese

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Binh & David
Live Stream Love

I joined EME Hive for the live streaming, which I did very often. It was amusing to be able to interact with a community of people like me and I was able to be my raw self and more. I found it meaningful to invest time into EME Hive since it catered to Asians. When it comes to online dating, no one knows exactly what they want but it is a start to discovering what you want. Compared to other dating apps, EME Hive attracts users who are more cultural and/or know where they want to begin and this creates a commonality for all users on the app from the beginning. About 3 months into streaming, I met David.

Binh, 20, Cosmetologist, New York & David, 29, Investment Banker, California

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Belle & Matt
Filipino Blessing In Canada

Initially, I liked EME Hive because it was a free Asian-based platform. I discovered it’s also easy to use, mobile friendly, and you can categorize guys by distance, height, religion, etc. I could just smile at guys and wait for them to make the next move. After my first relationship through the site, I decided to work on myself and focus more on my faith. I wanted to wait for that special person and be content with being single in the meantime. I kept the app, though, thinking maybe I could still meet someone who shared my background and love for God. After all, I had found someone on EME Hive once before.

Belle, 26, Ontario & Matt, 28, California

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Jimmy & Nikki
Despite the Long Distance

I don't know what compelled me to click on Nikki’s profile and send her a message, but it turned out to be one of the best dating decisions I’ve ever made. She was from New York and her profile had one simple line: "Date me~ I'm amazing”. This was my first time doing online dating so I wasn’t set on finding a romantic relationship. I just thought it would be nice to make a new friend in New York.

Jimmy, 23, Louisiana

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Andrew & Sara
When Destiny Calls (or Messages)

Call it destiny but I was the first person she received a message from. She joined the site one day out of the blue and when I messaged her, a reply came back minutes later. After messaging a few times, we agreed to meet. We both preferred Asians and although we weren’t specifically looking, the site increases your chances of connecting with one.

Andrew, 29, New York & Sara, 25, New York

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Sharing Quirky Asian Hobbies in NYC

I was surprised at how quickly I met Angela – she was my first date from the site! I would recommend EME Hive [because] it presents profiles and people in a way that is so familiar and catered to Asians. The moment your eyes meet on the date, the importance of tradition and heritage are already a solid check...

Kevin, 28, NYC

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Collegiate Love

It was a magical experience meeting John — I never expected to meet someone so special and creative. We met a few weeks after I created my account on EME Hive. I like EME Hive’s Asian-culture oriented concept, which I learned from Youtube video I watched. I had not been able to meet John without EME Hive for sure...

Rachel, 19, NC

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