Carolyn & Hanh
Happily Ever After

Finding a suitable lifelong partner was on the 2015 New Year's Resolution List for the both of us. Little did we know that we'd meet up as a result. The two of us had turned to online dating due to the difficulties of meeting other like-minded individuals. It's hard for two pharmacists (well, one pharmacist and a pharmacist-to-be at the time) to meet other people outside of our non-traditional work schedules. After many attempts through various online dating sources (i.e.,, Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder), we both found ourselves on a website called EME Hive.

Hanh: “Carolyn is the first girl I messaged on the site.”

I was getting emails from EME Hive for new profiles and matches but never messaged anyone...Then a photo of a cute girl with these big eyes came up as a match. I was surprised to see that there was an Asian girl with such beautiful eyes around Denver who also had a career in the same field as me, so I just decided to go for it and messaged her! The site’s algorithm must have worked well because we have so much in common.

One thing that made me fall in love with Carolyn is her sweet, caring nature. She’s genuinely very caring and able to put her own needs aside and think of others before herself.

Carolyn: “It was like we knew each other from a previous lifetime.”

There are so many coincidences between us, like my Vietnamese name is Hanh, and his middle name is my maiden name. We’re the same age and have such similar backgrounds. Now, even our parents are friends - his mom calls my mom all the time! We spent time getting to know each other and enjoyed each other’s company so much. One day, Hanh asked me to start looking for engagement rings and he proposed at the midnight on New Year’s Eve…We have been married for a year!

When Hanh is determined to do something, he’ll get it done, no matter what. If he says he’s going to do it, he’ll do it. And he also does everything in his ability to keep me safe and happy.

Our advice to singles:

Take the risk. You must put yourself out there and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. There is somebody out there for you, you just have to be patient. Be honest with yourself when you’re creating your profile. If you keep putting up barriers, no one’s going to get to know the real you. On our second date, we put everything on the table and we could see that there was potential for something long-term with each other.

Carolyn, 30, Vietnamese
Hanh, 30, Vietnamese