Belle & Matt
Filipino Blessing In Canada

Initially, I liked EME Hive because it was a free Asian-based platform. I discovered it’s also easy to use, mobile friendly, and you can categorize guys by distance, height, religion, etc. I could just smile at guys and wait for them to make the next move. After my first relationship through the site, I decided to work on myself and focus more on my faith. I wanted to wait for that special person and be content with being single in the meantime. I kept the app, though, thinking maybe I could still meet someone who shared my background and love for God. After all, I had found someone on EME Hive once before.

Soon, I got a “hello" from Matt, my now boyfriend. I liked him because he was both Filipino and a graphic designer like me, but most importantly, was Christian. I rejected him 4 times but he was eager to talk to me. When he stopped messaging me so often, I would look at my phone hoping to see a message from him and I realized I missed him. That's when I opened up to the idea that we could be more than just friends. We quickly bonded through our faith, politics, and family issues and became best friends.

It took us a while to meet in person but that helped build up patience and good communication between us. Matt was very sweet and planned a thoughtful surprise for me prior to our date. He bought me flowers and presents and then asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes.

We still can't believe that we met through an app. I do believe God brought us together through EME Hive. It's unconventional but it worked! :)

Belle, 26, Ontario
Matt, 28, California