Sharing Quirky Asian Hobbies in NYC

I was surprised at how quickly I met Angela on EME Hive – she was my first date from the website! When I saw her profile, I thought she was really cute and shared the same quirky Asian hobbies as me. She was raised in China, I was raised in Queens, but we shared the same traditional values that we cherished. I messaged her as quickly as I could and asked her out in a rather straightforward fashion. She agreed.

Our first date was at Aburiya Kinnosuke, a Japanese izakaya restaurant in midtown NYC. We started shy but quickly grew accustomed to each other's pace, humor, and personality. After dinner, I asked her if she wanted to go KTV for some karaoke. Of course she said yes; profiles don't lie! It was a promising beginning filled with fun and a mix of Chinese and English, which was exactly what I was looking for.

I would recommend EME Hive to my single Asian friends. The website presents profiles and people in a way that is so familiar and catered to 60% Asians. Unlike other popular websites I've tried, EME Hive is simple and has a user base that already shares a very important criteria: they all prefer to date Asians. It felt comfortable knowing the importance of tradition and heritage is already a solid check the moment your eyes meet on the first date.

Kevin, 28, Software Engineer, NYC
Angela, 24, Accountant, NYC